A Guide To Understanding B. Tech Electronics And Communication

Have you ever wondered what all principles go behind the working of televisions or radios or computers? The answer to the question, in most cases, is an obvious no. The discipline that helps technologists create and study the functioning of such devices is none other than electronics and communication (E&C).

What’s the definition of E&C engineering?

To put it simply, the study of E&C helps develop and analyze the behavior of devices that have circuits. Now let’s read the actual definition: Electronics and communication engineering is a discipline where active, non-linear components (semiconductor devices, electron tubes, etc.) are used to design many significant devices and systems.

What are the different subfields of the discipline?

The entire E&C discipline is made of important subfields such as:

• Analog
• Digital
• Consumer
• Power
• Embedded

The technology helps engineers in implementing principles, applications as well as algorithms that are developed in other allied fields.

What’s the work of an engineer belonging to the discipline?

An electronics and communication engineer helps in designing, fabricating, testing as well as maintaining electronic equipment and communication devices. The engineers of the discipline, by and large, work with equipment that consumes paltry energy. In addition, the technologists work along with fiber optics, microprocessors, televisions, radios, to mention a few.

Why choose the engineering discipline?

Electronics and communication systems have been the mainstay of industrial revolution. Such type of equipment and systems plays a significant role in influencing the everyday lives of humans. Swirl and take a look around; chances are abundant that your eyes find one or the other such device -mobile phones, televisions, desktops, laptops, to mention but a few.

Also, advanced E&C engineering encompasses the designing, manufacturing and testing of equipment such as:

• Avionics
• Satellites
• Automotive systems
• Control and instrumentation systems
• Medical equipment
• Embedded systems

The need for having electronically advanced equipment never abates, thus, aspirants choose to enter the field. The discipline puts forward challenges of great magnitude. Each of such challenges is rewarding. The engineers of the discipline investigate solutions to challenging problems present in the field.

Different career profiles of Electronics and Communication Engineers

India is one of those telecom markets that have registered unprecedented growth in the recent past. More and more new players are entering the Indian telecom industry. Such a trend points to the many opportunities offered to Electronics and Communication engineers. Graduates of B. Tech (E&C) also have excellent opportunities to get placed in IT industry (hardware and software).

More and more VLSI and Embedded systems are now manufactured in India. Such a growth in VLSI as well as embedded systems has helped E&C engineers get excellent pay packages (three to four lakhs per annum).

Some common sectors where Electronics and Communication Engineers work are:

• Consumer electronics
• Aviation and avionics
• Electricity generation
• Electricity distribution
• Telecommunications
• Communications
• Hospital diagnostic equipment
• Offshore industries

A few top recruiters of E&C engineers are:

• Infosys
• Intel
• Siemens
• Texas Instruments
• Samsung

Aspirants who plan to get further educated in the discipline can pursue M. Tech in E&C. Every best engineering college in Dehradun offers M. Tech in diverse specializations namely, Microelectronics, Light waves, Fiber Optics, and the like.

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Importance of Eco-Friendly Disposal of Electronic and Electrical Wastes

If you are still oblivious of the benefits of recycling and disposal of all kinds of wastes including e wastes or electronic wastes that emerge from your business or home, then it is high time for you to ponder deeply over this issue and decide in favor of one of your long-term goals, which is contributing towards the preservation of the environment in a clean, green way.

The importance of adopting eco-friendly measures for the disposal and recycling of e wastes

As a businessperson or a resident, it is our duty to abide by the set rules and legal legislations that govern the disposal, recycling and management of all types of e wastes.

Moreover, through environment-friendly processing, the approved recyclers make sure that none of the e wastes enter the landfills and cause any sort of pollution or contamination.

Computers and accessories

As dutiful and responsible citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure that we dispose dangerous items like old and unused computers and spare parts in a safe manner. There are hazardous elements in these parts like lead that can turn out to be dangerous not only for people but also for the natural resources like water and air. Hence, they should be disposed with the help of professionally trained experts, in an eco-friendly manner.

At the same time, it is heartening to note that there are many techniques being introduced to recycle products and make them fit for reuse.

A wide range of products can be recycled

It will be helpful for you to know about the various types of products that can be recycled and disposed in a safe and eco-friendly manner. They are:

a. Plastic:

Right from toys to the most sophisticated products like cards, plastic is widely used in all the countries with specific reference to the highly developed ones. By using more and more plastic products, we are instigating the spread of the greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the need for adopting recycling with respect to plastic is all the more felt today. By recycling, we help in reducing the energy levels used by nearly 30%. These include plastic bottles, food jars and other kinds of plastic wrap.

b. Aluminum:

Metals like aluminum have high recycling value since they can be reused for various purposes. By recycling, the energy consumption is reduced by a whopping 90%. This is too good a deal to be missed.

c. Steel:

Steel contained in products like tin cans, auto parts and equipment can be recycled to be reused as new products like car parts and building components.

d. Glass:

Glass is considered as one of the common forms of waste that emerges from both residential and industrial activities. When old glass items are recycled to make new ones, they con

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